Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sites of Conscience: Opening Historic Sites for Civic Dialogue. No. 519.

Sites of Conscience:
* interpret history through historic sites;
* engage in programs that stimulate dialogue on pressing social issues;
* promote humanitarian and democratic values as a primary function; and
* share opportunities for public involvement in issues raised at the site.

Public Historian. Volume 30 (Winter 2008).

Sites of Conscience: Opening Historic Sites for Civic Dialogue

The Reconstruction of Memory at Constitution Hill
Churchill Madakida, Lauren Segal, and Clive van den Berg

Places of Memory as a Tool for Education: The “Peace in Four Voices Summer Camps” at Monte Sole
Nadia Baiesi, Marzia Gigli, Elena Monicelli, and Roberta Pellizzoli

The Museum as a Democracy-Building Institution: Reflections on the Shared Journeys Program at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Maggie Russell-Ciardi

The District Six Museum: An Ordinary People’s Place
Valmont Layne

Challenges on the Road to Memory
Maria Laura Guembe

Activities of Terezin Memorial
Jan Munk

Public Commemoration: A Case Study

The Struggle to Control the Past: Commemoration, Memory, and the Bear River Massacre of 1863
John Barnes

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