Friday, February 15, 2008

Libraries Help Consumers Understand the Housing Mortgage Crisis. No. 513.

"Subprime lending" is the focus of a website at the Cleveland Public Library.

The University of Florida has posted resources on The Housing Bubble.

Library Boy's blog alerts us that "subprime" is the American Dialect Society 'word of the year.'
[Thanks LCW].\
The BUSH ADMINISTRATION IS Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime.

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Mark said...


Thanks for posting these links. Good information is so vital - especially in an election year.

In connection with these economic issues, I'd say that the so-called stimulus package is also something that could stand some clarification.

Over at, economists Lawrence Mishel, Ross Eisenbrey and John Irons have authored an excellent paper on the subject.

Here's the link:

Mark Marino
(MLS, USF class of '07)