Sunday, February 17, 2008

Global Summit on Social Responsibility Includes Librarians. No. 514.

The Global Summit on Social Responsibility - Leveraging the Power of Associations for a New Magnitude of Leadership, will define how associations can harness their power and influence to create a worldwide social responsibility movement, speed the spread of solutions and ultimately help build a better world. Global Summit participants will collaboratively craft the principles, guidelines and actions that will transform this initiative from conversation to action.

In an e-mail Fred Stoss [past-Chair of SRRT and co-Chair of SRRT's Task Force on the Environment] tells of his networking that has resulted in librarians as a case study as well as the news that he will attend.

Greetings Folks!

While the sun shining brightly is always good news in Buffalo on a cold and blustery day in February, there is much more brightness to share!

Last August I noted in one of my emails a request from the American Society of Association Executives and the Center for Association Leadership was looking for input about professional associations' commitments toward social responsibilities. As a past-Chair of SRRT and co-Chair of SRRT's Task Force on the Environment, I submitted the name of ALA and had a nice phone conversation with them after my initial email submission. We talked extensively about some of the work SRRT and TFOE
have done in the past, and I told them ALA has a much larger outlook on social responsibilities.

Well, the results are in and ALA appears to be in good company as one of the six case studies, as indicated in the note below from Kristen Clarke.

Frederick W. Stoss, M.S. (zool/ecol), M.L.S.
Associate Librarian
University at Buffalo--SUNY

Kristin Clarke from ASAE has a question about ALA's environmental task force work:

Hi, Fred. You might recall talking to me about NAHB's terrific social
responsibility activities for our case study of your organization on ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership's web site ( last summer.

The six case studies on the site have been very popular reading with association leaders who are beginning the journey toward more sustainability as an organization and industry-huge thank you for all of your input and for being a good role model!

Anyway, our CEO, Susan Sarfati, asked me to contact you to see if you both or at least someone from your organization who is knowledgeable about NAHB's social responsibility endeavors could attend our Global Summit on Social Responsibility April 30-May 2. Susan is hoping to have a number of attendees who actually have incorporated SR strategies into their association successfully, so she asked me to follow up with you personally.

I think you'd really enjoy the meeting-you can participate several ways.The face-to-face hub site near DC is at the soon-to-open Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center at National Harbor across from Alexandria (limit 500 people), but you could also attend virtually if you absolutely couldn't make it in person. You can visit our SR site for more Summit info and registration:

Dr. David Cooperrider of Case Western Reserve University will be guiding everyone around the globe (at satellite sites in about 20 countries and 16-22 US locations, as well as virtually) through his world-famous appreciative inquiry process to explore what the association sector might do to better both the world and our organizations through strategic integration of social responsibility into our operation, activities and goals.

Anyway, it would be so great if you could make it, and we'll likely be referencing your case at some point during the event, just to get people to see that associations, not just corporations, can reap real rewards from strategic social responsibility. Please buzz me at 703/876-0514 or email me tomorrow or Friday and let me know if you're interested or are going. Susan asked me to check with you and the other 5 case study contacts in particular.

Cheers, Kristin Clarke

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