Monday, February 14, 2005

Sustainability: Journal of Community Informatics: A LIBRARIAN AT EVERY TABLE. No. 246

February 14, 2005. No. 246.
Sources & Sites for Community Building.

"Sustainability and Community ICTs" is the theme of the latest issue of the
Journal of Community Informatics.
Community Informatics (CI) is the study and the practice of enabling communities with Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). CI seeks to work with communities towards the effective use of ICTs to improve their processes, achieve their objectives, overcome the "digital divides" that exist both within and between communities, and empower communities and citizens in the range of areas of ICT application including for health, cultural production, civic management, e-governance among others. The Journal of Community Informatics brings together a global range of academics, CI practitioners and national and multi-lateral policy makers. The Community Informatics Research Network (CIRN) promotes and represents community informatics and community networking internationally. CIRN sponsors the Journal of Community Informatics.

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