Friday, February 18, 2005

Politics of Culture- A Librarian at Every Table. No.247.

February 18, 2005. No. 247.
Sources & Sites for Community Building.

The Center for Arts and Culture aims to inform and improve policy decisions that affect cultural life. The guiding principles include freedom of imagination, inquiry and expression, as well as freedom of opportunity for all to participate in a vital and diverse culture.
CPANDA-Cultural Policy and the Arts National Data Archive is an interactive digital archive of data on the arts and cultural policy in the U.S., available for research and statistical analysis, with data on artists, arts and cultural organizations, audiences, and funding for arts and culture. Reports such as "Public Participation in the Arts "
are easily retrieved from CPANDA.

Gigi Bradford and others, eds.
The Politics of Culure: Policy Perspectives for Indivduals, Institutions and Communities
New Press, 2000.

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