Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Economic Injustice in Housing. No. 490.

Subprime in Black and White
Evidence is mounting that during the housing boom, black and Hispanic borrowers were far more likely to be steered into high-cost subprime loans than other borrowers.
[Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban 4olicy].
In New York, Hispanic borrowers are three times more likely than White borrowers to receive subprime loans. African-Americans were also targets:
“Even after looking at neighborhoods of similar income levels, we find that if you're a black borrower, you're much more likely to take out a sub-prime loan than a white borrower."

What can librarians do?
1. Recommit to ALA Policy:

2. Become Active in the Hunger, Homelessness & Poverty Task Force

3. Become economic advocates by distributing information and holding workshops on the Earned Income Tax Credit.

4. Read & Discuss Issues with library users:
Economic Justice Research Guide [Georgetown Law Library].

Economic Justice:Selections from "Distributive Justice" and "A Living Wage"
John A. Ryan.Beckley, Harlan R.ISBN: 0664256600
Westminster/John Knox Press,U.S.

Economic justice : race, gender, identity and economic / Emma Colman Jordan, Angela P. Harris.New York, N.Y. : Foundation Press,Thomson/West, c2005

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