Thursday, September 06, 2007

Providence, R.I. Fights Back because 'Obesity is an economic issue.' No. 485.

The "Good Food Gives Good Life" campaign at Providence Public Library included two sets of literacy / nutrition education materials for use with low-income ESL adults and families with young children. The “Food Talk-ESL” curriculum was developed to introduce adults learning English to the concept of healthy eating.

Data that support the need to provide food education and nutrition outreach through the library can be found in a recent study published in Social Science and Medicine.
"Obesity is an economic issue,” said Dr. Adam Drewnowski, director of the UW Center for Obesity Research and leader of the study. “Knowing more about the geography of obesity will allow us to identify the most vulnerable neighborhoods.”

Neighborhood property values predict local obesity rates better than education or incomes, according to a study from the University of Washington being published online this week by the journal Social Science and Medicine.

Libraries can provide nutrition information.
Events like World Diabetes Day [November 14] provide a focal point for organizing and educating.
People who are relatively poor in affluent countries such as those located in Western Europe, North America and Australasia are at greater risk of type 2 diabetes than those who are wealthier. In the USA, for example, households with the lowest incomes have been shown to have the highest incidence of diabetes.

Other good examples:
Wisconsin State Library.
Multnomah County Library
St.Louis Public Library.

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