Sunday, July 01, 2007

Memory of the World. No. 474.

For the last fifteen years, the programme Memory of the World has focused on conservation and digitization of humanity’s documentary heritage. With UNESCO’s support, measures have been taken to preserve dozens of archive collections, thousands of meters of film, millions of pages of manuscripts, books and periodicals.
Memory of the World Register
The Memory of the World Register lists documentary heritage which has been identified by the International Advisory Committee in its meetings in Tashkent (September 1997), in Vienna (June 1999), in Cheongju City (June 2001), in Gdansk (August 2003), in Lijiang (June 2005) and in Pretoria (June 2007) and endorsed by the Director-General of UNESCO as corresponding to the selection criteria for world significance.

New heritage includes:

Argentina - Human Rights Documentary Heritage 1976 - 1983 – These “Archives for Truth, Justice and Memory in the struggle against State Terrorism” testify to a period in history when human rights were violated by the Argentine state.
South Africa - Criminal Court Case No. 253/1963 (State versus N. Mandela and Others): proceedings of the trial of the leaders of the African National Congress (ANC), during which Nelson Mandela stood in the dock and proclaimed the goals of the ANC, before his incarceration on Robben Island until 1990.

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