Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Immigration Action Needed June 5. No. 468.

Here is more detailed information about amendments related to Senate Bill 1348. Every one of us should call our Senators This week and urge them support amendments that call for keeping families intact.

The guest worker provisions as currently outlined calls for a new wave of indentured servants, something that each and every American should decry as unacceptable.

The following information comes from the U.S. Catholic Bishops'Justice for Immigrants campaign. This web site will be providing daily briefings this week on what has transpired and what new amendments are being offered. Their web site is:
************************* Support family amendments to S.1348 that
strengthen family unity. CONTACT YOUR SENATORS ASK THEM TO SUPPORT FAMILY AMENDMENTS AND OPPOSE RESTRICTIVE AMENDMENTS TO S. 1348, THE SECURE BORDERS, ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY, AND IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT OF 2007 Background. The U.S. Senate will again consider S. 1348 beginning Tuesday, June 5th. Several amendments will be offered to the legislation during the week.

Message: The simple message to Senators is to ask them to "support amendments which strengthen family unity and to oppose amendments that limit the number of persons eligible for the Z visa legalization program." Below is a list of possible amendments.

Action: Call your Senators at 202-224-3121 with the simple message and/or ask them to support or oppose the amendments listed below. You can also log onto the Justice for Immigrants website(www.justiceforimmigrants.org/action.html) and send the sample letter we have provided to your Senator. During the upcoming week, each morning
updates will be sent on possible amendments to the bill.

Menedez-Hagel (#1194): Would move the cut-off date for family backlog reduction from May 2005 to January 1, 2007. This would help
800,000 applications and strengthen family reunification.

Clinton-Hagel (#1183): Would move immediate relatives (spouses, minor children) of legal permanent residents (LPRs) from a capped
category to the uncapped immediate relative category, thereby eliminating backlogs in this category.

Obama-Menendez (#1202) : Would sunset merit-based "point" system after five years.

Dodd-Menendez (#1199): Would increase the number of green cards for parents of U.S. citizens to 90,000 from 40,000.

Kerry: Would require Immigration and Customs Enforcement to provide access to state social service agencies and legal orientation
sessions for immigrants involved in enforcement raids. It also would allow for the release of vulnerable populations, including single mothers,
involved in a raid.

Lieberman (#1191): Would establish detention standards for asylum-seekers and allow for release on bond for asylum-seekers.

(#1184 and #1250): Cornyn #1184 would limit eligibility for the "Z" legalization program by disqualifying those who committed document fraud, among other minor offenses. #1250 would restrict confidentiality protections (to protect against deportation) in the legalization program.

Grassley (#1166): Would limit judicial review of visa revocations.

Sessions (#1234 and #1235): Sessions #1234 would deny earned-income tax credit (EITC) to Z and Y visa holders and #1235 would deny EITC to legal immigrants in the country five years or less.

Ensign: Expected amendment would deny Social Security payments to Z visa holders based on earnings made while out of status.

Inhofe: Makes English the official language of the United States.
This could lead to discrimination against Spanish speakers with limited English proficiency.

Thank you very much,
The Justice for Immigrants Campaign

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