Thursday, May 31, 2007


Richard Meyers' site, Rebel Graphics, is dedicated to change. He has posters, cartoons, poetry and writing from the point of view of working folk engaged in the struggle for justice.

Of special interest to librarians is his annotated Working Class Literature. A sample annotation:

Brownsville: Stories — Oscar Casares. Probing underneath the surface of Tex-Mex culture, Casares's stories, with their wisecracking, temperamental, obsessive middle-aged men and their dramas straight from neighborhood gossip are in the direct line of descent from Mark Twain and Ring Lardner. [This one was an ALA Notable Book].

Take a look at Working Class Literature and then if you wish, contact Richard Myers:

i'd like to get feedback on:
other titles to include;
feedback on any inferior or inappropriate titles already on the list;
brief reviews of any titles that still need it;
any suggested links for the link section.
Feedback may be sent to:
best wishes,
richard myers

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