Wednesday, April 04, 2007

North American Labor Assembly on Climate Crisis.No. 452.

North American Labor Assembly on Climate Crisis

Changes in the way we produce and use energy need a major overhaul — starting now. Will labor be involved in making key decisions about this overhaul or be on the sidelines? By taking on the fight for environmental sanity, unions will open up new avenues for organizing, grow the labor movement, and be able to forge powerful alliances.

This North American Labor Assembly will:

* Hear the voices of unions from all over the world regarding efforts to organize and build power around climate change and other environmental issues.
* Connect with the work of the “Blue-Green Alliance” and assess the prospects of a powerful partnership between unions and environmental organizations
* Listen to options for energy alternatives and conservation, and how these can create good jobs and stronger unions in construction, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, and other sectors.
* Consider proposals for a plan of action to educate, organize, and mobilize union members on global warming and environmental issues, and to connect with unions around the world who are committed to similar goals.

For more information about the conference or to volunteer, please contact Dan Cerio at 212.340.2861 or

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