Saturday, February 24, 2007

Border Action Network. No. 438.

The movement for human rights is growing and Border Action Network is building the infrastructure to take the movement forward no matter what happens in Congress in the next weeks. We are creating human rights committees to defend immigrants' and border residents' human rights and make changes locally and nationally to transform our communities into places where everyone leads lives with dignity. We invite you to join our struggle. Donate today.

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Border Action Network formed in 1999 to ensure that those who are most impacted by border and immigration policies are at the forefront of movements calling for human dignity and civil rights and have the power to insert their voices into the local, regional and national policy debates that impact their lives on a daily basis.

Border Action Network is immigrants and border residents in Nogales, Douglas and Tucson working to ensure that our rights are protected, our human dignity respected and that our communities are healthy and safe places to live. We are a membership-based organization that combines grassroots community organizing, leadership development, litigation and action.

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