Sunday, December 24, 2006

Agenda for Shared Prosperity. ALATKT. No. 423.


For six months, the Economic Policy Institute and a group of 50 economists and policy experts have joined together to develop a comprehensive, achievable, and workable economic plan that will reduce economic insecurity and provide broadly shared prosperity.

The Agenda for Shared Prosperity will address the growing gap between America's promise and its problems. The United States is rich in resources, with an energetic and entrepreneurial population, a $13 trillion economy, the world's most advanced technologies, and a democratic system that is an inspiration for the world. But for most of the past quarter century, failed economic policies have left the nation with stagnant living standards for the overwhelming majority, increased inequality that is polarizing our society and distorting our democracy, and for most families a growing insecurity fueled by concerns over health care, prospects for retirement, and access to college.

Responding to this crisis, the Agenda for Shared Prosperity is based on a simple idea: the success or failure of our economy is measured not by the value of the stock market or the size the gross domestic product, but rather by the extent to which the living standards of the vast majority of Americans are rising. We will propose and promote ideas that are honest enough to gain public credibility, inspiring enough to give hope, and ambitious enough to match the scale of our problems.

The kickoff event will occur on January 11. Senator James Webb will be the keynote speaker; Jacob Hacker (Yale University) will present a health care proposal to provide affordable and universal coverage; and Jeff Faux (EPI distinguished fellow) will present a policy agenda to shape globalization so that it benefits working people here and abroad. Video, audio, and other information will be available at when it launches in January.

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