Sunday, July 16, 2006

Committee for Education Funding. A Librarian at the Kitchen Table. No. 385.

Founded in 1969, the Committee for Education Funding (CEF) and its over 100 member organizations have worked toward the common goal of achieving adequate federal support for our nation's education system. Nonpartisan and nonprofit, CEF is America's largest education coalition, reflecting the broad spectrum of the education community.

Who are CEF's members?
The Committee's members are concerned individuals, educational institutions, agencies, associations, and other organizations, whose interests range from preschool to post graduate education in both public and private systems.

What is the purpose of CEF?
The purpose of the Committee is to provide its members, the general public, the United States Congress, the Executive Branch, and the press with information enabling them to better assess the necessity for adequate financial support for federal education programs. The Committee takes positions on federal education funding issues that represent a consensus of its member organizations and communicates those positions to the Administration and members of Congress.

What has CEF achieved?
The members of the Committee have been very successful in championing the cause of increasing federal educational investment. Through strong advocacy and grassroots efforts and effective communications they have won bipartisan support for over $20 billion in increased federal education investment over the last five years.

What makes CEF unique?
As the largest coalition of education associations in existence, the Committee for Education Funding provides a strong and unified voice in support of federal education funding. Because the Committee represents diverse segments of the education community, it has the ability to address educational investment concerns at all levels.

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