Monday, July 03, 2006

ALA in New Orleans. A Librarian at the Kitchen Table. No. 377.

SRRT Statement on New Orleans

Map of affected libraries in Louisiana


..From RUSQ, "Community Building," Summer,2006.
"Rebuilding Community in Louisiana after the Hurricanes of 2005."
by Alma Dawson and Kathleen de la Peña McCook
Libraries Can Help to Build Understanding

The complex relationship between African-Americans and the New Orleans government bears much analysis and open discussion. As Jay Arena has pointed out, “In the end, in this majority Black city, this world cultural treasure, it will take a Black working class-led movement to create a racial and economically just rebuilding.” 19 In these times of trouble libraries can play a role in civic engagement that will give community members an opportunity to engage each other.

Arena, Jay. “The Contradictions of Black Comprador Rule: Understanding the New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s “Chocolate City” Comment.” ZNet (January 26, 2006)

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