Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tent State University. A Librarian at Every Table. No. 343.

Tent State University (TSU) is a national movement that believes education is a right, not a privilege. Hence, TSU opposes tuition hikes, cuts in public funding, and wasteful wars abroad. Tent State creates an educational alternative where students, faculty, staff, and community can come together, work together, learn together, and practice democracy together. TSU challenges the undemocratic decision-making structure of our universities and our society...
Symbolizing that fact the fact that higher education is losing its home in the U.S., TSU creates an opportunity for progressive thought and discourse and it affects college students – endorsing better funding for higher education, and opposing war. TSU involves the creation of a grassroots-based alternative university that embodies the principles of equality and participatory democracy while serving as an organizing center for students. Members of Tent State Universities demand full and restored support of public higher education and a re-evaluation of our state and national spending priorities.

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