Friday, April 28, 2006

Survey on Libraries and Community Building. A Librarian at the Kitchen Table. No. 350

Please fill out this survey:

Survey to library workers about their community-building work in libraries.

Chrystie R. Hill and Steven M. Cohen say:
We’re writing a book about libraries and community building, and using this blog to support that work. Between now and March of next year, we’ll be researching, interviewing, and scouring the library world for insights into how library staff can (and do) community building work. We’ll use the blog to sort out some of our own thoughts and ideas, and engage our colleagues in that process with us. The book - tentatively titled “Inside, Outside, and Online…” (we’re still working on the sub-title) is due for publication in the Fall of 2007.

About the authors…

Chrystie R. Hill is a librarian, writer, and consultant on technology and community building.

Steven M. Cohen is senior librarian at PubSub Concepts, Inc. in New York City, where he works on various projects within their prospective search software. He is the creator of Library Stuff (published by Information Today), a weblog dedicated to keeping current and professional development for librarians, which has been live since August, 2000.

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