Sunday, April 17, 2005

Earth Day 2005 is April 22: A Librarian at Every Table. No. 262.

Earth Day Network’s mission is to broaden the environmental movement worldwide and to educate and mobilize people, governments, and corporations to take responsibility for a clean and healthy environment.

Earth Day Network’s programs and activities are guided by the following goals:

Promote Civic Engagement — Earth Day Network works with partner organizations to provide opportunities for all citizens to become active at the local, state, national and global levels.

Broaden the Meaning of “Environment” — Earth Day Network is committed to expanding the definition of “environment” to include all issues that affect our health, our communities and our environment, such as air and water pollution, deteriorating schools, public transportation and access to jobs, rising rates of asthma and cancer, and lack of funding for parks and recreation.

Mobilize Communities — Earth Day Network and our Campaign for Communities partners registered and turned out one million new and infrequent voters in the 2004 presidential election, focusing on young people, and African-American, Latino and low-income communities, where voter turnout is generally low.

Create Groundbreaking Environmental Education Programs — Earth Day Network uses innovative education tools and community projects to promote civic participation and develop a sense of environmental responsibility among young people.

Train New Environmental Leaders — Earth Day Network’s programs and activities inform and inspire young people and people of color to become environmental leaders.

Build International Partnerships that Strengthen Cooperation Among Diverse Groups — Earth Day Network affects environmental change through the development of new, cooperative relationships among organizations that are not traditional allies.

Engage Corporations in Support of Environmental Programs — Earth Day Network continues to work with select corporations to promote sustainable business practices.

Support Earth Day Celebrations Around the World — Earth Day, April 22, is the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a half billion people every year.

Earth Day Footprint Quiz.

Ehrlich, Paul R. and Ehrlich, Anne E. One with Nineveh: Politics, Consumption, and the Human Future. Island, $27 (1-55963-879-6).
Relayed in a clarion voice, this powerful argument for saving the environment from disaster links social and economic policies with the empirical evidence of overpopulation and materialistic consumption. [A 2005 'Notable Book' selected by the American Library Association].


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