Friday, December 10, 2004

Ending Homelessness: A Librarian at Every Table. No. 232

December 10, 2004. No. 232.
Sources & Sites for Community Building.

Bringing America Home is a national, broad-based initiative dedicated to the goal of ending homelessness. The Campaign is founded on the principles and action of public education, grassroots organizing and support for progressive policies and legislation. It is founded on the principles that people need affordable housing, livable incomes, health care, education, and protection of their civil rights. The Bringing America Home Campaign is composed of a variety of efforts that address these causes of homelessness, including The Bringing America Home Act (H.R. 2897), introduced in the 108th Congress by Rep. Julia Carson (D-IN) and John Conyers of (D-MI). Commitment to this goal is in keeping with the policy, Library Services for the Poor of the American Library Association. [thanks to Sanford Berman for the update packet sent December 2004].

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